CEO / Exec Team


I see myself as more of a business "caddy" than a coach (to use a golf metaphor). As an experienced CEO myself, I know it can be lonely at the top. Even the most talented and seasoned pros can benefit from an outside set of eyes, ears, and an experienced mind to bounce ideas off, challenge assumptions with, and formulate strategies with.

I work with CEOs and their top-level management teams to break through the barriers and overcome the obstacles that are preventing them from achieving the personal and business growth goals they are pursuing. I don't have all the answers, but I'm good at asking the right questions and introducing my clients to the best tools and frameworks available to help them achieve new levels of measurable success.


Fight Club

I've assembled a private group of brilliant and talented C-Level executives from various industries and backgrounds that meet together on a monthly basis. We brainstorm, share ideas with each other, find ways to help each other grow our businesses, and have fun together. If you want to join our Fight Club, message me here.



I can help you plan, execute, and facilitate an offsite with your executive team to review or set your strategic vision, create your annual goals (Future Picture), set or revise your WHY, Core Values, and Guiding Principles, brainstorm your growth strategy, rethink product offering and market positioning, and work through various leadership development activities.



Lunch & Listen

I like to eat, so I have a standing offer to new entrepreneurs, CEOs working through a specific problem, non-profits, or anyone else that is interested: buy me lunch and I'll give you an hour's worth of advice (which sometimes might not be worth more than the cost of the meal, but I'll do my best to make it worthwhile). You do most of the talking, I'll do most of the listening, and hopefully I can find specific ways to help you with whatever you need.